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Caring for your Jewellery

Ingrid Rossi Jewellery packaging

The simplest and most effective way of cleaning silver is with a Silver polishing cloth or a jewellery cleaning cloth.

It is very important not to spray perfume onto pearls as they can react. It is best to use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe the pearls after wear to avoid any residual build up. Semi-precious stones may be cleaned in the same way.

Rhodium Plated:

Sterling silver is a white metal and does not need rhodium plating to acquire its colour. However, it tends to tarnish over time. To prevent this, rhodium plating silver jewellery will ensure that the piece is highly lustrous and remains tarnish-free for a long time.

Some of our jewellery is rhodium plated as it is indicated in each piece of jewellery description.

Rhodium plated is safe to wear. Because rhodium plating is hypoallergenic, you won’t get skin reactions by wearing rhodium plated jewellery. This is because rhodium does not contain any allergens such as nickel. In fact, if you have a piece of jewellery that is causing you skin reactions, rhodium plating the piece can eliminate this problem.

We guarantee our products against manufacturing faults, but not misuse. To protect your silver jewellery, we suggest you remove it when showering, swimming or when undertaking manual or domestic work. We recommend that you remove your jewellery while applying make-up.

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